The Lion Mill Vineyards Grapes

Lion Mill Vineyards is one of a very small number of growers in the Greater Perth Region who produce Zinfandel/Primitivo. In fact we are one of the few in Western Australia.

Our first vintage made by the Davenports at Myattsfield was in 2007. It was a great Zinfandel in many respects – a monster in ripeness and flavour, high in alcohol (16.5%), a winner of awards and trophies, and adjudged the ‘Best in the West’ for its class in the Winestate magazine.

The 2008 Zinfandel was in much the same character and like the 2007 wine, sold out relatively quickly. We have retained some for collector sales.

Since 2009 and with the availability of increasing quantities of Durif from our planting of that variety, we have opted to produce Zinfandel wines with an alcohol level of about 14.5 per cent. This requires careful judgement on the relative proportion of ripe berries and those not quite so ripe on the same bunch and then across the block of vines.

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