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My Wine Cart

The Lion Mill Vineyards grapegrowers

“Wow” he said. ”
I’ve read here that you can make wine from only 100 grapevines!
I’ll give it a go” . . .

A couple of years later and 100 vines had turned into 2500 – then magically multiplied further until an academic and a public servant were racing home from work to tend to the needs of almost 3000 vines. Naturally, something had to give (Energy? Bank balance? Patience of wife?) so Patrick quit lecturing and embarked on the life of a full time viticulturist, leaving Ann to soldier on in the city (eventually she retired too).

We’ve now been pruning, picking and generally tending to the demands of the grape for 17 years, engaged in an out of control hobby that is still challenging and great fun, hungry birds, variable rainfall and pesky fungus notwithstanding!


Ann Bertola


Patrick Bertola